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AKWCA Appoints Landscape Coordinator


AKWCA has appointed Ephie Lumumba as its first landscape coordinator, a newly created role to help drive the association’s ambitious role to promote sustainable development that protects the wildlife and biodiversity of the Athi-Kapiti landscape.

Ephie will report to the association’s executive committee. She will be instrumental in overseeing the operations and activities of the association.

Ephie has a background in wildlife management and nascent experience in conservation. She also has a good grasp of data management and carbon credits. The latter is an area that the association is looking to explore in the near future.

Speaking upon her appointment on December 15, 2022, Ephie expressed gratitude for the opportunity to take on such a pivotal role at the association.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as the first-ever landscape coordinator in the Athi-Kapiti landscape,” said Ephie, who brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the rapidly changing landscape.”

“Conserving the plains of Athi-Kapiti is personal to me, as I was raised here. I have seen first-hand the pressures the landscape faces from the unplanned planning that has led to continuous fencing and subdivision of land to make way for real estate and greenhouses, which hinder the movement of wildlife,” Ephie added.

“I appreciate the criticality of the landscape as a dispersal area of wildlife and look forward to our working together towards restoring and enabling wildlife corridors across the landscape.”

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