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A regional partnership committed to transformative and sustainable community conservation.

Athi-Kapiti Wildlife Conservancies Association (AKWCA) is a membership organisation founded in 2014 to unite, promote and support conservation efforts and aspirations in the vast Athi-Kapiti ecosystem.

Together, we are striving to conserve the rolling plains of Athi-Kapiti, which provide the all-important dispersal areas for the Nairobi National Park.

At about 117 square kilometres in size, the Nairobi National Park is relatively small to function as an independent ecological unit. The Athi-Kapiti plains, situated in the southern landscapes of the park, provide the open spaces that enable the Nairobi National Park to sustain viable wildlife populations and a rich biodiversity.

Our Journey

Our Mission

To work with landowners and communities to promote co-existence in an increasingly urbanised landscape where wildlife is conserved and valued.

Our Vision

A greater Athi-Kapiti ecosystem where communities and landowners maintain an open and connected landscape securing a viable population of wildlife for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

Facts and Figures

In our first five years, we have worked on establishing a conservation model that safeguards wildlife and wildlands while increasing livelihood opportunities in the Athi-Kapiti plains

Square kilometers
Land under active conservation
Avian Species
Actively conserved across the landscape
Community Scouts
Employed across the landscape
Revenue Generated
Through tourism and livestock farming in our first five years
Endangered Species
Safeguarded (including the white-backed vulture, black rhino and Masai giraffe)
Established in the Athi-Kapiti plains

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