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Our Focus

The proximity of the Athi-Kapiti plains to the capital city of Nairobi has seen the region experience rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, largely at the expense of the natural environment. AKWCA, through its four focus areas, is driving sustainable land use management that seeks to incorporate natural resources conservation in urban planning and development across the Athi-Kapiti ecosystem.

Wildlife Conservation

Working with local communities, landowners and conservation partners to develop on-the-ground conservation solutions that protect the wildlife that rely on the Athi-Kapiti ecosystem to survive and thrive.

Habitat Protection

Supporting community conservation efforts seeking to restore habitat connectivity and prevent further habitat fragmentation, degradation and loss in the Athi-Kapiti ecosystem.

Community and Livelihoods

Empowering local communities and landowners across the Athi-Kapiti plains to explore conservation opportunities that improve livelihoods while safeguarding nature.

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Policy and Advocacy

Promoting a holistic approach to urban planning and development in a quest to create an Athi-Kapiti where development and conservation are seen as mutually inclusive.

Our Approach

A holistic and community-driven approach to conservation

Biodiversity Balance

We promote the intrinsic value of biodiversity and recognition of the interdependence between healthy local communities and healthy natural ecosystems.

Respect and Integrity

We lead with respect and integrity, aware that the decisions we make today have a lasting effect on the livelihoods, wildlife and habitats in Athi-Kapiti.

Strategic Partnerships

We enable collaborations that leverage on indigenous knowledge and scientific resources, aligning stakeholder commitment and actions for far-reaching and long-term impact.

Systemic Change

We believe sustainable conservation is only possible if it is driven by the local communities and integrated into the developmental and economic needs and policies of the ecosystem.
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